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The British Stunt Register

Brand development, design and web design

The brief…

To create an updated look and feel that rolls out across all collateral plus design and develop a website with gated access for members.

What we did…

Barley Agency produced a brand identity and guidelines that brought together the name with a modern lion marque. The lion represents the bravery of stunt performers and the Britishness of the company. TBSR we’re so pleased with the look and feel they commissioned Barley Agency to produce their website, a hub for members to access with their logins.

As a well-established name in the stunt industry, TBSR required a website that could showcase the amazing stunts they perform as well as encouraging stunt performers to sign up to the register. The use of video in the top banners was a true reflection of the stunts performed and the productions that potential new members would be able to work on. The main call to action was for a new member to join and inform them of the grading system the register adheres to. It was import for TBSR to inform members that they take pride in them, but also make them aware that they’re a professional service with standards to be upheld. This tone of was upheld throughout the whole sites design.

The results...

Increased engagement with members and a professional look and feel.