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We’re bringing our targets offline, to get them re-engaged online!

You might think we sound crazy, but there’s method in our madness. In 2020, we’re using the power of print to re-engage our clients and prospects, creating a stronger relationship, where they follow us online, and take note of our activity.

We’re utilising the tangible, direct mail, to boost this engagement. So why does it work?

As we are now bombarded by around 5000 marketing messages a day according to Hootsuite CEO, Ryan Holmes, it’s more than likely, we rarely take notice. Even though something might land in the subconscious, we’re long past breaking point.

With the majority of these messages being digital, how do you stop and make people take notice?

Direct Mail. While we may see 5000+ marketing messages a day, we simply don’t take it in. Royal Mail’s latest research shows why Direct Mail’s tangibility, is leading the fight for customer engagement:

“Giving, receiving and handling tangible objects remain deep and intuitive parts of the human experience. In the never-ending stream of two-way virtual communication, sending a direct sensory experience of your brand can mark a pivotal moment in the customer journey”

This sensory connection is where here at Barley House, we begin our customer engagement journey. Now immersed in our brand, we have customers who receive direct mail follow us online, reading blogs like this one and see our latest work. Ultimately working and collaborating with us to produce print, websites, brands and much more.

So, you know that direct mail stimulates and engages your audience, what now?

It’s time to get to work, creating your very own engaging direct mail. Here at Barley House, we’re experts in design and print.

With our own print factory on-site, we’re able to take your projects seamlessly from concept to delivery, whatever the size. We’ll be able to help you create a bespoke direct mail, to re-engage your target audience.

Check out some of our previous print projects below or get in touch!