Your home page is often the first point of contact with your brand. The last thing you want is to scare off visitors at first glance. That’s why our trusty website design team have put together some essential features to help get you started.

Start With Your Headline

Your visitors need to be able easily identify exactly what you and your website offers. Make sure this is clear, to the point and
easily identifiable.


Explain exactly what you do. Identify a problem your visitors have that you can solve. E.G. Barley House Agency can take the pain away when designing a website

The Primary call-to-action

What do you want your website visitor to do? You need to sign-post to your audience where to click next, who to call or how to view a demo. Whatever your call-to-action goal, make it easy to access and simple to do. 

Image and Video

Image and video improve layout design and engagement

When it comes to the 5S’s of digital marketing, you want to add that ‘Sizzle’. Your audience will be far more engaged with visual and animated content compared to a page of rambling text. Use visuals to break up the copy and improve page layout. Consider using a creative agency to get the best content. 

Highlight Your USPs and Benefits

What makes you different to your competitors. It’s important you build this in to your website design when planning the Home Page. Is it your exemplary customer service or a completely unique process? Whatever your USPs are, shout about them and make them stand out. 

Make Navigation Easy

Don’t confuse your audience, help them navigate

Make things easy to find with your website navigation. You don’t want your website visitor leaving your page because they cannot find what they are looking for. Make sure there are drop downs to find key information or a search bar for key words.

Offer Content

Everyone loves something for free. Whether it is a white paper colour palette, a free how to guide or a downloadable video with top tips, this is great to include in your website design. Offering free content will get visitors engaged in your brandhelping them to get a feel for the work you do.

Other Calls to Action

make sure you’re asking you audience to do something

If your visitor isn’t interested in your Primary call-to-action, what else do you want them to do? Offer other options such as subscribing to a newsletter or learning about a secondary service. This will help retain a greater number of visitors and improve engagement.

Your Key Services

What exactly does your company do? For example, Barley House Agency offers marketing, production, design, responsive website design, website development and much more. Put your services under your visitors’ noses, let them know exactly how you can help them.


Consumers trust reviews, especially valid ones. Use customer quotes and rating highlighting the great work you have been doing for them.

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