Colour Palettes

A proportion of what we do here at Barley House Agency is rebranding. For this our team often create new Colour Palettes for our clients. We spoke to our Senior Designers Alastair Clark and Rebecca Cuthbert to take you through the creative process.

Barley House Agency’s Primary Colour Palette

Colour Palette Primary

Mood Boards

When creating colour palettes for our clients, we think about the brand values and/or brand personality and try to use colours that convey this. Before moving onto any creative stages, we produce a mood board that represents the brand. This helps us to build a picture and style for the colour palette that we will produce. There is a vast number of resources available when creating a mood board, we find Pinterest and Behance are particularly helpful.Mood Board

Depending on the client the colour theme will change dramatically. For example, if the client was a luxury brand, we could possibly look at using hints of Gold, apposed to a children’s brand, in which case you might look to use bright or primary colours.

Testing Colour Palettes

Once we have chosen two or three colour palettes, it is always handy to create some visuals. This will either solidify the chosen palette or show that we need to reach for new colours. A colour palette should make the design and visual process easy, so if you are still finding it difficult, then it’s time to go back to the ‘mood board’.

At Barley House Agency we try to consider how colours make a person feel. As 98% of purchases are made emotionally, the colour palette could have a pivotal influence on how the brand is received and if people connect with the brand.

Barley House Agency’s Secondary Colour Palette

Colour Palette Secondary

Our own Colour Palette

When trying to construct our own colour palette at Barley House Agency, we looked at what we found difficult with our previous branding. We made the decision to create a less restrictive, more varied palette. It needed to work with our brand values; strategic, unorthodox, imaginative, collaborative and approachable. We produced a Primary Colour Palette which consisted of mainly bright colours representing our strategic, imaginative and unorthodox values and a Secondary Colour Palette which relayed a more collaborative and approachable side.

At Barley House Agency we like to be a mirror of clients’ brand values and mission, so this varied colour palette allows us to incorporate our clients into our brand, making them feel part of the team.


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