Let us know your marketing requirements. Come twelfth night, ring in the changes and give us a bell to enhance your brand.

The Twelfth Night of Christmas is wrapped in many traditions dating back to the birth of Christ. The twelfth night marks the Epiphany. This is a christian  feast celebrating the visit to Jesus Christ from the Magi, more commonly known as the three wise men.

Twelfth night also marks another key date in the calendar with some people believing misfortune may befall anyone who keeps Christmas decorations up after the 12th day of Christmas. This day can fall on 5 January or 6 January, according to different traditions.

Avoid Marketing Misfortune
Avoid any misfortune in your marketing requirements this new year. Come the Twelfth Night we hope you will take down your decorations, ring in the changes and give us a bell.  Or like the Three Wise Men did, start your next campaigns journey by visiting us here at our offices. You can email us to ring in the changes via beremarkable@barleyhouse.agency

Why give us a bell?
With 60 years of experience, we are a local integrated agency helping brave brands become remarkable. We love working with our clients and doing things differently, helping to improve their branding, marketing and digital presence with bespoke quality,
all of under one roof.

What does this mean? We deliver efficient and effective marketing on your doorstep!

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