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Quite rightly every business is focussing on how to deal with Covid-19 for the coming weeks. However, it is those businesses that plan for the bounce back that will prosper in the future.

Every business is different in terms of its sales cycle but below is a graph that illustrates how a typical business could see its sales cycle change.

Face-to-face meetings and exhibitions will be affected in a similar fashion. Events will most likely be pushed back to later in the year, most likely late Q3 and in to Q4.

So what can you do to maximise your
marketing and reduce a negative impact on sales? We’ve prepared our top-tips for the bounce-back!


Limit your current marketing spend and save the budget for when the bounce-back starts. Plan and prepare everything in advance – you should have all of your direct mail pieces printed and ready to go. Electronic direct mails, social media posts and web blogs should be written, and all of your literature should be up to date and printed.


There will be a surge of face-to-face meetings in June/July and September/October – now is the time to make sure that you are fully stocked with promotional items and gifts that will engage your audience and enhance your brand awareness. It is the businesses that invest in marketing that will be best placed to take advantage of the bounce back.


It is likely that many of these will be postponed until the Autumn. Prepare in advance. Exhibition stands, brochure, catalogues and promotional gifts should all be ready. Plan you pre-event and post event publicity. How are you going to attract people to your stand? What will be your follow up procedures? How will you capture those all-important leads?


The sales cycle will change. External sales teams should be making appointments now for June and July. There are huge advantages to this: People will have space in their diaries in a few months’ time so it should be easier to agree a date. Be ready for the bounce back.

By booking meetings in advance you can geographically group them together – reducing travel time. Therefore you can book more meetings in to a day. It is more efficient and reduces travel costs.

Getting your appointment booked before your competition ensures you are ahead of the game.


Confidence and morale will be low – you can lift this by sharing your plans to be ready for the bounce back. A simple poster or message from senior management will help to focus attention on a positive future. The country is at war with Covid-19 but when the battle is done, we will be ready to hit the power surge button.


This is perhaps the most important part of this article. External communications should focus on your plans for preparing for the bounce back. Remember, the success of your business is reliant on the success of your customers so share the message, encourage them to prepare for the bounce back and together, we will be ready.


Now it’s time to get planning. Create a goal to work towards, ensuring your marketing and sales are aligned to make the most of the Bounce-Back!

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